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2017 announcements

Cannabis and Hemp Conference Held in Fresno

Many of the people at the Cannabis and Hemp Conference held at Bitwise Industries came to learn more about the challenge of creating a statewide marijuana marketplace.

“They’re trying to find out why Fresno is so behind the times when it comes to Prop 64,” said Leslie Eller, cannabis activist.

“The unfortunate truth in the city and County of Fresno right now is they never ever got around to regulating any medical cannabis. So the idea of them turning around and regulating non-medical cannabis is going to be a tough sell,” said Michael Green, Fresno Cannabis Association.

Green of the Fresno Cannabis Association is encouraged by the stance taken by Coalinga which has approved commercial marijuana cultivation.

The shirt worn by attorney Bill McPike was made from the silk of hemp stock. Industrial hemp contains a much lower THC level than cannabis.

Conference organizers said it could eventually be a profitable crop for a farmer.

“Canada has over 30,000 acres of industrial hemp. They make hemp oil, which is like virgin olive oil but hemp has different flavor to it and it’s
legal– 100-percent legal,” said McPike.

The state has already formed an industrial hemp advisory board.

Wednesday’s Cannabis and Hemp Conference drew over 60 people to Downtown Fresno.