State Cannabis Licensing Authorities Release Proposed Cannabis Regulations Submitted to OAL

Author: Bureau of Cannabis Control
Published: Dec 07, 2018
Sacramento, California

California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities recently announced the release of the proposed cannabis regulations currently under review by the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL). The rulemaking action regarding these regulations, initially noticed on July 13, 2018, was submitted to OAL for review on December 3, 2018.

An archive of licensing authority’s regulations and rulemaking documents can be accessed here: 

Please note that the proposed regulations submitted to OAL have not yet been approved by OAL and are not currently in effect. While the regulations are under review with OAL, the readopted emergency regulations remain in effect and licensees should continue to comply with those regulations.

The public comment period has closed for these regulations, and the Bureau will not be providing guidance related to these regulations until OAL has completed its review. 

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