CDTFA – Business Taxes Committee Material – Proposed Amendments to Cannabis Tax Regulation 3700

Author: California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
Published: Feb 04, 2019
Sacramento, California

Enclosed is the Second Discussion Paper on proposed amendments to Regulation 3700, Cannabis Excise and Cultivation Taxes. Staff would like to invite you to discuss the issue and present any additional suggestions or comments. Accordingly, an interested parties meeting is scheduled as follows:

February 5, 2019
Room 122 at 10:00 a.m.
450 N Street, Sacramento, CA

If you would like to participate by teleconference, call 1-888-822-7517 and enter access code 5038418. You are also welcome to submit your comments to me at the address or fax number in this letterhead or via email at by February 20, 2019. You should submit written comments including proposed language if you have suggestions you would like considered during this process. Copies of the materials you submit may be provided to other interested parties, therefore, ensure your comments do not contain confidential information. Please feel free to publish this information on your website or distribute it to others that may be interested in attending the
meeting or presenting their comments.

If you are interested in other Business Taxes Committee topics refer to the CDTFA webpage at
( for copies of discussion papers and calendars of current and prior issues.

Thank you for your consideration. Staff looks forward to your comments and suggestions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Business Taxes Mr. Robert Wilke at 1-916-445-2137, who will be leading the meeting.

Second Discussion Paper

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