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Licensee profile

Licensee profile

Licensee profile

Kimberly Cargile

A Therapeutic Alternative 
Sacramento, Sacramento County
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About A Therapeutic Alternative 

Founded in 2009, A Therapeutic Alternative (ATA) provides high-quality products and services to their customers. The cannabis dispensary was founded with four core values: health, happiness, education, and industry leadership. In an effort to work with customers to find the best cannabis solutions for their health or recreational interests, the ATA management team hosts a variety of classes to help educate their employees. Classes cover a wide range of topics including the history of cannabis, cannabis laws and legal compliance, product attributes, and human anatomy, and physiology. 

For Kimberly Cargile, chief executive officer for ATA, product offering is very important; Cargile believes this is an area where they can help preserve the industry by supporting small, diverse businesses that are active industry advocates and care about prioritizing environmental sustainability. Every potential supplier is screened carefully and Cargile prefers to partner with companies that give back to the cannabis community.

Benefits of being in the legal marketplace

When ATA was founded, Cargile was working as a medical cannabis patient’s rights advocate. She reflected on the day regulations were passed, saying, “It was a wonderful day. I had been in the industry for almost 20 years before getting my license and I knew we were progressing. There was no doubt in my mind that ATA would be pursuing a state license to help push our industry forward.”

Receiving a license meant she could openly operate her business while building a relationship with the community. It also meant strengthening her relationship with government as a cannabis advocate. “Having a good relationship with the government and knowing there’s a path forward to being a legitimate business was something I always wanted. I never wanted to be ashamed of what I do. Getting my license was an extraordinary accomplishment for me after years of trying to bring legitimacy to the industry.”

In addition to ATA, Cargile is founder and co-owner of 10 additional licensed cannabis businesses and three more focused on the licensing and permitting process. The legal marketplace has allowed Cargile to successfully grow multiple businesses to advance the industry and use her licenses and legal status as a “tool for legitimate conversation to drive change.” 

Pride in being a licensed retailer 

To share what she has learned with other cannabis entrepreneurs, Cargile founded an ownership incubator program five years ago. “To date, 25 employees have participated in the ownership incubator program and are now co-owners of their own cannabis companies. The program is really special to me. I don’t know of many other companies help their employees move up and progress in the industry in this way.” 

Cargile also advocates at the federal level as a board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).  Among other things, NCIA advocates for federal legalization and reasonable regulations. Cargile is committed to expanding her work and pushing for other cannabis business owners to experience legalization and participate in the licensed cannabis market. As Cargile puts it, “It’s important that people be able to tell their families, their children, and their community what they do. Further legalization will push our industry forward.”