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Licensee profile

Licensee profile

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Stephanie Hua 

San Francisco

About Mellows

Stephanie Hua is the founder and chief confectioner of Mellows, a cannabis edibles manufacturer based in San Francisco.  Mellows produces low-dose marshmallows infused with solventless ice-water hash that come in a wide range of flavors to the delight of her customers. Each marshmallow is hand-made in bite-sized pieces so consumers can easily control their dosage. 

Hua, a professionally trained chef, has a background in food writing and photography so the aesthetics are as important as the taste. She set out to make the edibles experience “more approachable, more delicious, more delightful.” With Mellows, Hua combined her love of culinary arts and her belief in the goodness and potential of cannabis. Every aspect of the Mellows brand reflects Hua’s background, and love of food. 

The inspiration for Mellows was right in front of her, “We’re in San Francisco, world famous for incredible cannabis and incredible artisan-crafted food, yet there was a big disconnect between the two when it came to edibles. It was natural for me to bridge that gap, and that’s how Mellows was born. Our original Mellows are made solely with Red Congolese by Gold Seal SF — which makes us one of, if not the only, product that is truly hand-crafted in San Francisco from plant to finished product. This is something we are really proud of because supporting our local ecosystem is important to us.”

Small businesses in the legal marketplace 

Reflecting on the challenges of owning a small cannabis manufacturing operation, Hua shines, “We started in 2015 and have been through the ups and downs of licensure and regulatory adjustments. We’re excited to have succeeded in bringing a product to market that we’re so proud of.” 

The success of Mellows means that Hua can continue working in a growing industry she’s passionate about and, she’s found ways to share her passion with others who have a similar passion for food, cannabis and artistry. “When we received our license, it felt a little bit like we were making history.” She continues, “To be a minority woman owned small business, carving out a place in California Cannabis — it felt like we were showing up for a cannabis consumer that is often underrepresented. It was important for me to be licensed because that is the future for normalizing cannabis. We can’t educate new cannabis consumers and speak about de-stigmatization from the shadows.”

From licensed manufacturer to author

Hua is the author of the Mellows inspired best-seller, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. The book includes 30 low-dose recipes for bakers of all skill levels and educates readers how to cook with cannabis at home, walking them through everything from understanding cannabinoids and terpenes, to dosing and making infusions. “It has been very gratifying to see how people have used the book, who they’ve shared it with, and how it has not only helped them make delicious edibles at home, but how it has also opened up conversations about cannabis in unexpected ways.”