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Licensee profile

Licensee profile

Photo of Marc Matulich

Marc Matulich

Airfield Supply Co.
San Jose, Santa Clara County
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About the business

Airfield Supply Co., located in San Jose, California, is a vertically integrated cannabis company with licenses to cultivate, distribute, and commercially sell cannabis in its onsite dispensary. Marc Matulich is the founder and CEO of Airfield Supply Co. and had been operating the company under a medical marijuana license prior to the implementation of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). “So, it was a natural decision to get licensed through DCC once recreational cannabis became legal,” Matulich says.

In addition to being an all-in-one business that includes their own house flower line, Jetfuel Cannabis, Matulich offers a training program for his 155-person cultivation and retail staff, noting that he is always focused on fine-tuning cultivation processes and growing methods to ensure efficiency while maintaining maximum quality.

Another priority for Airfield is advocating for sustainable production practices in the cannabis industry—working with other product and retail partners to share knowledge and best practices in an industry that is growing rapidly. “We know that we all have to do better to produce packaging that limits environmental impact,” Matulich says. “We have a lot of exciting sustainability initiatives in the works, and we will continue to make them a pillar of our business.”

Benefits of being in the legal marketplace

Matulich says the biggest benefit of the legal cultivation market is the stability it provides him as a business owner, and the opportunity it has opened up for the statewide industry. “I feel like there are no limits to how much our business can grow.” For Matulich, the top priority is his family; “I have a family to look out for and I enjoy being part of my community. I’m able to live a normal life as an upstanding citizen and not have to look over my shoulder.”

Matulich expects more benefits of the legal market will be realized as the industry matures. In the meantime, he views DCC as a partner; “They’re here to help you become legal and stay compliant at the county and state level.”

Future of California cannabis cultivation

Matulich appreciates being a part of a fledgling industry and is eager to help it grow and evolve. He notes the ebbs and flows of purchasing trends by consumers–lately they are attracted to higher THC strains and products. Matulich feels that consumers will become more educated as the time goes on and, “they will better understand the nuances of the product,” Matulich explains. “When people shop for wine, they aren’t looking for the highest alcohol percentage. They look for flavor, the smell, other qualities,” he says. “Cannabis consumers will begin to be just as discerning and we are excited to help start that path for many of them.”