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Social media materials

Social media materials

You can help us promote and protect California’s legal cannabis industry. As part of our statewide public outreach and education campaign, “This is California Cannabis,” we offer a variety of tools and graphics that you can use in your business communications to endorse the legal industry and support our state’s licensed cannabis operators.

The purpose of this campaign is to highlight California’s legal cannabis industry and encourage unlicensed cannabis operators to get licensed. This campaign and our ongoing outreach efforts are raising awareness about the benefits of joining the legal industry. This campaign is designed to provide information about the licensing process and offer resources to help guide those who are ready to join the legal market.

Here are a few of the resources available:

  1. FAQs – frequently asked questions and helpful answers about “This is California Cannabis,” including how to get involved and spread the word about the state’s cannabis licensing process
  2. About “This is California Cannabis” – samples of some of the campaign’s creative materials
  3. Shareable Content – sample posts and downloadable graphics you can post on your own social media channels
  4. Additional Resources – an overview of other campaign resources, such as the campaign newsletter, as informational videos, and profiles of some of California’s cannabis licensees

Check back regularly to find new resources. If you have questions about the campaign or the sharable content, we have available, please contact DCC’s Public Affairs Division by sending an email to

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is “This is California Cannabis”?
A: It’s a statewide public education and outreach effort designed to promote the state’s legal cannabis industry and to raise awareness of the support and guidance offered to licensed cannabis operators. The campaign is managed by the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), Public Affairs Division.

Q: Why is “This is California Cannabis” important?
A: By celebrating the licensees and communities that have embraced legal cannabis operations and highlighting the benefits of licensure, “This is California Cannabis” showcases the positive impact the legal market can have in our state.

Q: Where can I find more information about “This is California Cannabis”?
A: Learn more about “This is California Cannabis” by visiting the campaign webpage You can also sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, which contains information and updates about this statewide effort.

Q: How can I receive updates about “This is California Cannabis”?
A: Follow us on our Department of Cannabis Control social media channels — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — and subscribe to our email blast and newsletter.

Q: How can I be considered for a profile in the newsletter?
A: If you would like to be considered as a featured licensee in an upcoming issue of the campaign newsletter, please send an email to and a member of DCC’s Office of Public Affairs will respond.

Q: How can I contact DCC?
A: Visit the DCC website, email at or call toll-free 1-844-61-CA-DCC (1-844-612-2322).

About “This is California Cannabis”

This campaign features vibrant and compelling videos and photographs that help tell the stories of cannabis licensees and the benefits of the legal cannabis industry. These creative materials are targeted to reach businesses, licensees and other audiences through billboards, online digital ads, social media, and radio.

If you are interested in accessing any of these creative materials, please see the shareable content on the following pages or contact us by sending an email to

Social media materials

Shareable social and digital content 

This section includes ready-to-use images, graphics, and posts for your digital media channels. Feel free to publish the following posts directly to your social media channels, websites and in your newsletters. They can be slightly tailored to fit your voice, but we ask that you maintain the sentiment and core information. 

If you are interested in accessing our digital ads, 30-second public-service radio announcements, billboard art, social-media content, or videos to use in your own communications and media campaigns, please see the shareable content below. Questions? Send us an email at

Website or newsletter messaging 

As a licensed cannabis operator, I contribute to my community in a positive way and am proud to be a part of the legal cannabis market.

The illicit market hurts the environment and our communities. Want to hurt them back? Support legal cannabis businesses like mine.

To see how California is shining a light on legal operators like me, visit to learn about “This Is California Cannabis,” a statewide effort to promote and celebrate legal cannabis cultivation.

Social media posts

Please be sure to tag us (that is, include the DCC handles below) on social media so we can engage with your posts.

  • Post option 1 for licensees
    I’m proud to be a part of the legacy of California cannabis. You should be, too.

    Learn how the [tag]Department of Cannabis Control is fulfilling the promise of legalization at 

  • Post option 2 for licensees
    California is committed to entrepreneurs like us who have invested in the legal cannabis market.

    Learn more about how to partner with the [tag]Department of Cannabis Control by getting licensed at 

  • Post option 3 for licensees
    The best way to hurt the illicit market is to support legal businesses like mine.

    Visit to see why joining the legal cannabis market and purchasing tested products from licensed retailers is the best way to ensure you’re protecting the environment and communities across the state.

  • Post option 1 for industry partners 
    With partners like the [tag]Department of Cannabis Control and the licensed cannabis operators who are paving the way for a strong and safe legal industry, we’re writing the next chapter of California’s cannabis legacy.

    Learn more about “This is California Cannabis” at
  • Post option 2 for industry partners 
    Through “This is California Cannabis,” the [tag]Department of Cannabis Control is celebrating the commercial cannabis licensees who are innovating and driving our industry forward.

    Learn more at
  • Post option 3 for industry partners 
    A strong and safe legal cannabis industry is the most effective way to motivate unlicensed cannabis operators to get licensed.
    That’s why we partner with the [tag]Department of Cannabis Control.

    Learn more at


Sample graphic

View a collection of graphics that you can download and share on social media and through your digital channels.

Vertical graphics
Horizontal graphics

Department of Cannabis Control, This is California Cannabis

Licensee profiles

At the core of our campaign is the community of dedicated, innovative licensees who are paving the way for generations to come. There are opportunities for you to be featured in “This is California Cannabis” through interviews, social media, and more. If you or anyone you know is interested, send an email to and a DCC public affairs team member will respond.

See the licensee profiles we’ve published thus far.