Public Comment

Can I Comment on the Proposed Cannabis Regulations?

There will be a 15-day public comment period on the proposed changes in each licensing authority’s cannabis regulations, which concludes Monday, November 5, 2018, at 5 p.m. Please note that only public comments addressing the newly proposed changes will be considered.

The three licensing authorities will review each timely comment received and will respond to all comments in documents filed during the final stages of the rulemaking process. Comments may be submitted in writing to each licensing authority through email or physical mail. No public comments will be accepted by phone.

Further instructions on how to submit public comments may be found on each licensing authority’s website in the links provided below.

Can I Comment on the Emergency Regulations?

Emergency regulations have a five-day public comment period that begins when the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) posts the proposed emergency regulations on their website. This public comment period was held from November 27 to December 4, 2017. Public comments will be accepted again, as part of the regular rulemaking process as non-emergency regulations are developed. More information on the regulatory rulemaking process is available on the OAL website. The public comments compiled from each licensing authority’s emergency regulations be found below.

Can I Provide Public Comment at the Cannabis Advisory Committee Meetings?

The public may provide appropriate comment on any issue before the Cannabis Advisory Committee at the time the item is discussed. If public comment is not specifically requested, members of the public should feel free to request an opportunity to comment. Total time allocated for public comment may be limited.

Click here for the Cannabis Advisory Committee’s meeting schedule.