Tax Resources

Sales, Use, and Cannabis Taxes

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) is the state agency responsible for collecting cannabis taxes and issuing seller’s permits. If you own a business in California that sells cannabis and/or cannabis products, you must register with CDTFA for a seller’s permit and regularly file sales and use tax returns. For information about the requirements that apply to your business, please review the links listed below.

Income Tax

California taxes its residents on all income, including income from cannabis business activities. California taxes non-residents on income from California sources. All income apportioned to California by business entities is taxable. Income from entities organized as not-for-profit is also taxable. For information about California income tax for cannabis business activities, visit Franchise Tax Board’s website at

Payroll Taxes

California businesses that hire employees to perform services are required by law to withhold, report, and pay payroll taxes. For information about cannabis industry payroll tax and reporting, visit the Employment Development Department’s website at