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2018 announcements

Applications for Shared-Use Cannabis Manufacturing Facilities Are Now Available

Emergency regulations for shared-use cannabis manufacturing facilities, released by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), have been approved and are now in effect. CDPH is now accepting shared-use facility registrations from state-licensed cannabis manufacturers.


1. Cannabis Manufacturing License

The facility owner or operator (“Primary Licensee”) submits an application for a Type 7, 6 or N cannabis manufacturing license for the premises that will be used as a shared-space.

2. Shared-Use Facility Registration

The owner/operator registers the facility as a shared-use facility.  The premises must first be registered and approved by CDPH as a shared-use manufacturing facility before businesses can apply for a Type S license.

Note: The owner/operator may obtain a license and then register, or they may submit both a cannabis manufacturing license and facility registration at the same time.

3. Type S License Application

Once the facility registration is approved by CDPH, cannabis manufacturers wishing to utilize the space can submit an application for a Type S cannabis manufacturing license.

The shared-use facility must meet all requirements outlined in the cannabis manufacturing regulations, and include secured storage for the Type S licensee’s cannabis and cannabis products. The Primary licensee will assign a designated area to be used as shared space. An occupancy schedule, outlining the days and/or times that the space will be used by Type S licensees, must be posted. Only one licensee can utilize the space at a time.

The emergency regulations for shared-use facilities were released by CDPH’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch on March 22, were filed with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on April 3, and were approved and became effective on April 13. The emergency regulations are available on the CDPH website:

Both temporary and annual facility registrations and license applications can be accessed through the CDPH website: