Disaster relief programs

Disaster relief programs

If you cannot meet a regulatory requirement due to a declared disaster, you can request disaster relief. Disaster relief is a temporary waiver of a specific regulatory rule.

You can read the full requirements for disaster relief in the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulations sections 15038, 16207, and 17122.

Which disasters qualify

Only certain events qualify as “disasters” for regulatory relief:

  • State of emergency proclaimed by the Governor
  • Local emergency proclaimed by the city or county

How to request disaster relief

  1. Gather your information
    Use the optional Request for Regulatory Relief form to describe your situation and request.
  2. Submit your request
    Email your request to DisasterRelief@cannabis.ca.gov. An owner of the business must send the request.
  3. Wait for a determination
    The Department of Cannabis Control reviews and responds to each request received. If we approve your request, there may be conditions, such as a specific timeframe for the relief.


This year, wildfires have burned more than 1.9 million acres in California. More than 15,300 firefighters are on the frontlines of major and extended attack wildfires across California. The Caldor Fire is the 15th largest fire in California history and the Monument fire is the 20th largest.

We know these fires can wreak havoc on our community of licensed cannabis businesses. We are here to help you navigate these challenging times. If you have questions or need help, email us at DisasterRelief@cannabis.ca.gov.

Resources for businesses affected by fires


California has resources to support businesses and their employees affected by COVID-19, including:

  • Financial help
  • Tips for the workplace

As California reopens, every business needs to create a safer, lower-risk environment. The California Department of Public Health issued guidance on maintaining cannabis product safety during COVID-19.