Temporary cannabis events are multi-day events where people can sell and consume cannabis. These events last from one to four days at a location approved by the city or county. Cannabis event organizers host temporary cannabis events.

Event licenses

To host a cannabis event you must have two licenses:

  • A cannabis event organizer license
  • A temporary cannabis event license (you must get this at least 60 days before the event starts)

Having an event organizer license does not authorize you to:

  • Cultivate cannabis
  • Distribute cannabis or cannabis products
  • Manufacture cannabis products
  • Sell cannabis goods

You do not need a license if you’re hosting an educational event or just sharing information on cannabis. If you display cannabis goods during an education event, you must follow the possession limits.

Role of the event organizer

Event organizers coordinate all aspects of the event, including:

  • Maintaining the event space
  • Hiring security
  • Posting required signs
  • Providing the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) with a list of participants
  • Providing DCC with a diagram showing the layout of the event and where participants will be set up

Temporary cannabis event rules

Event sales

Only distributors can transport cannabis goods to an event.

Only retailers can sell cannabis goods during an event. Retailers must follow all the rules for on-site sales and consumption, including:

  • Displays of cannabis goods
  • Use of exit packaging
  • Age restrictions on sales
  • Daily sales limits
  • No free samples
  • Recording sales in the Track and Trace system

Each retailer must have a specific location where they sell cannabis goods. You cannot sell cannabis goods from mobile carts.

Cannabis consumption

Cannabis use cannot be visible from outside of the event or any areas that are not age-restricted.

You cannot sell or let attendees use alcohol or tobacco during a cannabis event.