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Application resources

Application resources

Starting a legal cannabis business in California takes time, effort, organization and planning. To help, we created resources to help you apply for a license and technical guides for the licensing systems.

The documents on this page were created prior to the creation of the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). Some of them still have logos or contact information for the three former state cannabis programs. We intend to update them with DCC information. You can still use them as resources until we do.

Resources for all applicants

Guidance documents

Application checklist

Premises Diagram Guidance

Required forms

Form 8113: Commercial Cannabis Licensee Bond 

An application for an annual cannabis license must include proof of a surety bond of at least $5,000 payable to the State of California for each licensed premises.

Optional forms

These forms may help you submit required information.

Form 19: Standard Operating Procedures

This form must be prepared by applicants for licensure and maintained post licensure

Form 9205: Labor Peace Agreement Notarized Statement

An applicant for a commercial cannabis business that has not already entered into a labor peace agreement may use this form to complete the notarized statement.

Form 9206: Landowner Approval Consent

This form can be used to demonstrate that the owner of the property where cannabis activity will occur consents to such activity.

Request for Live Scan Service

Forms can be requested by sending an email to

Using the online licensing systems

Cultivation user guides

How to complete the online application

  • Overview of the licensing system
  • Register and manage your account
  • How to navigate the online system
  • Adding attachments
  • How to print your license certificate

How to fix application deficiencies

How to renew your license

Submitting a conversion request

How to make cultivation license changes using the CLS

All other license types

How to complete the online application

  • Licensing stystem overview
  • Navigating the system
  • How to register and manage your account
  • How to pay your fees

Guidance for new CLEaR users

Guidance for existing CLEaR users

Additional resources by license type


Owner submittal form

Converting to a large or medium cultivation license

Distributor and retailer licenses

Form 20: Delivery procedures

Testing laboratory licenses

Form 21: Sampling SOPs

Form 22: Sample preparation SOPs

Form 23: Test Methods – Standard Operating Procedures

Application FAQs

How does DCC review license applications?

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) reviews license applications in the order we receive them. The application review process takes time. The more complete your information, the faster the review process will be.  

During the review process, DCC staff will:  

  • Check that your application is complete
  • Contact the city or county where your business is located to confirm that you meet local requirements
  • Review your business owners’ criminal history, if any
  • Review the information you submitted to make sure your business meets the requirements
When will DCC contact me about my application?

We will contact you if your application is incomplete. If we contact you:

  • Stay in contact with us as you resolve the issue
  • Provide what’s needed as soon as possible to reduce delays in issuing your license

Resources for licensees

Once you are licensed, refer to the following pages to access information and resources.

CannaConnect licensee resources


Testing laboratories