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Access the license portals

Access the license portals

You can use the Department of Cannabis Control’s online licensing systems to:

  • Apply for a license
  • Renew a license
  • Change an existing license

Choose your license type


Tips and tricks for using the licensing system

  • When uploading documents, make sure the file name doesn’t use any spaces or special characters.

All other license types

Distributors, testing laboratories, manufacturers, retailers, microbusinesses, and events

Help and support

Cultivation user guides

How to complete the online application

  • Overview of the licensing system
  • Register and manage your account
  • How to navigate the online system
  • Adding attachments
  • How to print your license certificate

How to fix application deficiencies

How to renew your license

Submitting a conversion request

How to make cultivation license changes using the CLS

All other license types

How to complete the online application

  • Licensing stystem overview
  • Navigating the system
  • How to register and manage your account
  • How to pay your fees

Guidance for new CLEaR users

Guidance for existing CLEaR users

Contact us

For any issues with accessing the licensing portals, please email

Licensing system FAQs

Why are there two licensing systems?

The Department of Cannabis Control was created on July 12, 2021 by merging three existing state programs. Each of those former programs had its own online licensing system.

We anticipate creating one licensing system for all businesses, but it will take time to do that. Until then, use the system for the license type you have or are applying for.

Which system do I use if I want more than one license?

Use the online licensing system that corresponds to each license you’re seeking. You may need to submit applications through more than one system.

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