Access the license portals

Access the license portals

You can use the Department of Cannabis Control’s online licensing systems to:

  • Apply for a license
  • Renew a license
  • Change an existing license

Choose your license type

Licensing process

Learn the steps to:

Help with your application

We’ve created resources to help you with your license application, including:

  • Required application forms
  • Guides to help you complete your application
  • Tips for addressing deficiencies
  • How we review license applications

Questions and answers

The Department of Cannabis Control was created in July 2021 by merging three existing state programs. Each of those former programs had its own online licensing system.

We anticipate creating one licensing system for all businesses, but it will take time to do that. Until then, use the system for the license type you have or are applying for.

Use the online licensing system that corresponds to each license you’re seeking. You may need to submit applications through more than one system.