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About the Department of Cannabis Control

About the Department of Cannabis Control

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is the California state agency that licenses and regulates cannabis businesses. DCC regulates the:

  • Growing of cannabis plants
  • Manufacture of cannabis products
  • Transportation and tracking of cannabis goods throughout the state
  • Sale of cannabis goods
  • Events where cannabis is sold or used
  • Labeling of goods sold at retail

The Cannabis Advisory Committee makes recommendations to DCC about regulations and licensing.

DCC leadership team

The director and chief deputy director lead DCC and its 10 deputy directors. Each deputy director is responsible for a different area of DCC’s work.

The leadership team includes:

  • Nicole Elliott, Director
  • Rasha Salama, Chief Deputy Director
  • Matthew Lee, General Counsel
  • Melissa Eidson, Deputy Director of Administration
  • Jeff Merriman, Deputy Director of Compliance
  • Bill Jones, Deputy Director of Enforcement
  • Eugene Hillsman, Deputy Director of Equity & Inclusion
  • Angela Hill, Deputy Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Tamara Colson, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs
  • Robin Foemmel Bie, Deputy Director of Licensing
  • Christina Dempsey, Deputy Director of Policy & Research
  • Maria Luisa Cesar, Deputy Director of Public Affairs
  • Sean O’Connor, Chief Information Officer
  • Tanisha Bogans, Deputy Director of Laboratory Services
  • Po-Wen Leung, Manager, Equal Employment Opportunity Office

How DCC was formed

DCC was created on July 12, 2021, by consolidating the three former state cannabis authorities:

  • Bureau of Cannabis Control (Department of Consumer Affairs)
  • CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division (California Department of Food and Agriculture)
  • Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (California Department of Public Health)

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