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You need a distribution license to transport cannabis and cannabis products in California. Distributors can transport goods they cultivated or manufactured or goods for other businesses.

Latest updates

Requirements for testing of dried flower

Beginning January 1, 2024, state licensed laboratories are required to use the Department of Cannabis Control’s (DCC) standardized cannabinoids test method and standardized operating procedures for testing dried flower, including non-infused pre-rolls.

View frequently asked questions about the standard cannabinoid test method and operating procedures.

View the list of licensed laboratories in compliance with the DCC standard cannabinoid test method.

Distribution licenses

The type and cost of distribution license depends on factors such as whether you transport cannabis goods to retail, store cannabis goods, or transport for other businesses.

Distribution license fees

Distribution license types

Resources for new applicants

How to apply for a license

Application resources

Resources for licensees

CannaConnect resource hub

Testing and quality assurance

Distributors make sure a licensed testing laboratory tests all batches of cannabis goods before they are sold. Distributors can only transport cannabis goods to a retailer for sale if they pass testing. Goods that fail testing are destroyed or sent to a manufacturer for remediation. Before transporting goods to a retailer, type 11 distributors also conduct a quality assurance review.