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Search for a licensed business

Search for a licensed business

The License Search Tool is updated daily and contains information about all of the businesses licensed by the Department of Cannabis Control. It can be used to:

  • Verify if a cannabis business is licensed
  • Find a cannabis retailer near you
  • Search for licensed cannabis businesses
  • File a complaint about a cannabis business

Questions and answers

What do the License Statuses mean?

The Status tells you if the DCC commercial cannabis license is an Active license or not.

Active means the business has an active license. They may do the commercial cannabis activities allowed by their license type at the location listed on the license.

About to Expire means the annual/provisional license is within 60 calendar days prior to expiration and the license remains Active.

Expired – Pending Renewal means the license is within 30 days after expiration and can still be renewed with an added late fee of fifty percent of the license fee.

The cannabis business cannot do any commercial cannabis activity at the location if they have one of the following statuses:

  • Expired – The annual/provisional license expired due to non-renewal and is no longer Active. 
  • Not in Operation – The License was approved for Disaster Relief and is not currently in operation due to the conditions of the regulatory relief provided.
  • Revoked – The annual/provisional license has been terminated due to a licensing action and is no longer Active
  • Surrendered – The licensee voluntarily relinquished or abandoned their license and the license is no longer Active
  • Suspended – The annual/provisional license is undergoing disciplinary action and not Active for a definitive or indefinite amount of time