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Grant funding

Grant funding

California offers cannabis-related grants to local governments regulating legal cannabis businesses, and to universities to fund research. 

Grants for public universities

Cannabis Academic Research Grants

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) funds scientific research at California public universities to study the effects of adult-use cannabis legalization. At least $10 million is available each year for researchers.

DCC funds cannabis research about:

  • Public health
  • Criminal justice and public safety
  • Economic impacts
  • Environmental impacts
  • Cannabis industry

Eligibility: California public universities

Status: DCC issued a Request for Proposals on October 05, 2022. Answers to submitted questions were posted on October 31, 2022.

Funding for local jurisdictions

Local Jurisdiction Retail Access Grant

As of February 1, 2023, 61% of California cities and counties (327) do not allow cannabis retailers. This makes it harder for consumers to access safe, tested cannabis products. 

California allocated $20 million to help local governments establish cannabis retail licensing programs. This grant program aims to provide existing consumers with sufficient access to legal, tested cannabis, promoting consumer safety and  reducing demand in the illicit market.


A local jurisdiction (city, county, or city and county) is eligible for funding if it:

  • Prior to July 1, 2022, did not  have a cannabis retail licensing program in existence;  
  • Has a plan to develop and implement a cannabis retail licensing program; and   
  • For Phase II awards: Has issued one or more cannabis retail licenses to cannabis businesses within the jurisdiction of the city or county pursuant to that program.  

Status: Eligible local jurisdictions may apply for Phase II funding based on the number of local cannabis retail licenses issued. Phase II applications will be accepted in October 2023, March 2024, September 2024, March 2025, September 2025, and March 2026, subject to available funds. 

Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program

California is committed to quickly transition cannabis businesses from provisional to annual licenses. In January 2022, DCC awarded one-time grant funding totaling almost $100 million to help 17 cities and counties with the highest numbers of provisional licenses in transitioning businesses to annual licenses.  Extra funds were available for eligible local jurisdictions with social equity programs.

Eligibility: 17 cities and counties with the highest numbers of provisional licenses

Status: DCC awarded grant funding in January 2022.

Funding opportunities from other state agencies

Equity program grants

Equity programs support cannabis businesses run by people who were negatively or disproportionately affected when cannabis was illegal.

California offers funds to cities and counties to:

  • Assess cannabis equity in their area
  • Create a cannabis equity program
  • Support an existing cannabis equity program
  • Directly help equity applicants and licensees through:
    • Technical assistance
    • Reduced or waived fees
    • Low or no-interest loans or grants
    • Help securing a business location
    • Help recruiting, training or retaining a qualified and diverse workforce
    • Business resilience, such as emergency preparedness

Application process

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development awards equity program grants. Sign up for updates about equity grants, including when they’re accepting applications.

Previous grant recipients

California has awarded $40 million in equity grants.


Cities and counties received nearly $1.15 million to conduct a cannabis equity assessment or develop a local equity program.

Local jurisdictionFunding awarded
County of Lake$150,000
County of Monterey$150,000
County of Nevada$149,999.95
City of Palm Springs$149,397.90
City of San Jose$149,300.37
City of Santa Cruz$147,666.75
City of Clearlake$98,890.43
City of Coachella$93,783.26
City of Stockton$60,000

Cities and counties received nearly $29 million to directly help equity applicants and licensees.

Local jurisdictionFunding awarded
City of Oakland$6,576,705.76
City of Los Angeles$6,042,014.23
City & County of San Francisco$4,995,000
City of Sacramento$3,831,955.93
City of Long Beach$2,700,000
County of Humboldt$2,459,581.02
County of Mendocino$2,245,704.40

All cities and counties that met the grant requirements received at least $100,000.

Local jurisdictionFunding awarded
City of Los Angeles$1,834,156.39
City of Oakland$1,657,201.65
County of Humboldt$1,338,683.13
City & County of San Francisco$1,338,683.13
City of Sacramento$1,197,119.34
City of Long Beach$913,991.77
City of San Jose$560,082.30
County of Santa Cruz$560,082.30
City of Coachella$500,000
City of Palm Springs$100,000

Grants for law enforcement

Impaired driving  research grants

The California Highway Patrol funds research to combat impaired driving, including:

  • How to reduce crashes caused by impaired drivers
  • Increasing awareness of the dangers of impaired driving
  • Improving highway safety

These grants are available to California:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • City and county crime laboratories

Other California grant opportunities

California offers other grants related to cannabis. You can view a list of all funding opportunities on the California Grants Portal.

California Grants Portal

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