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Compliance with state law

Compliance with state law

A vibrant, compliant legal cannabis market benefits and protects the safety of all Californians. DCC’s compliance efforts support this by:

  • Licensing locations that meet state requirements  
  • Educating licensees about their responsibilities under their state license  
  • Conducting routine inspections of licensed premises  
  • Investigating alleged violations of commercial cannabis laws  

DCC works with licensees to gain voluntary compliance. For example, DCC may issue a Notice to Comply, which identifies violations, provides direction as to how to correct the violations, and provides a deadline for correcting them. Serious violations or recurring violations may also be addressed by: 

  • Denying an application for commercial cannabis licensure 
  • Issuing a citation that may include: 
    • Fine – up to $5,000 per violation (licensed person) or $30,000 per violation (unlicensed person) 
    • Order of abatement 
  • Suspending a license for a period of time 
  • Revoking a license  
  • Imposing a fine based on the disciplinary guidelines 

Learn more about compliance and enforcement actions in chapter 12 of the DCC regulations.

Compliance and licensing actions  

Compliance Action Records

View information related to license denials, citations and disciplinary actions.  

Final decisions

View final license denials, citation and disciplinary action decisions adopted pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.


Important information about embargoes

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is responsible for enforcing state laws regulating cannabis businesses, including laws to protect the health and safety of patients and consumers. One important tool in this effort is the embargo. 

View frequently asked questions about embargos.

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