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CannaConnect Licensee Resources

CannaConnect Licensee Resources

CannaConnect is the Department of Cannabis Control’s (DCC) resource hub, here to help license holders get the tools & support they need to maintain compliance and thrive. 

Latest updates

  • AB 1894 and new requirements for packaging, labeling, advertising, and marketing

    In 2022, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1894, the “Integrated cannabis vaporizer: packaging, labeling, advertisement, and marketing” bill. Beginning July 1, 2024, this bill will add new requirements for the packaging, labeling, advertising, or marketing of cannabis cartridges and integrated cannabis vaporizers.  There are two parts to the new requirements: New requirements for advertising…

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  • FAQ: Transitioning to annual licensure

    Provisional licensees must actively and diligently pursue all requirements for annual licensure and comply with applicable laws. To help you successfully transition to annual licensure, DCC sends notifications identifying the outstanding information that DCC needs to complete its review of the annual application.  

    View the FAQs

  • Cultivation license change options

    On March 11, 2024, DCC adopted emergency regulations to implement Senate Bill 833.  Under the new regulations, eligible cultivation licensees can make certain changes to their license. If you are considering making any of these license changes, please review the information on this page, including the newly adopted regulations and definitions. 

    Learn more about the options

Getting started

Being a cannabis license holder makes you a pioneer in a budding industry. You are in the right place to begin or continue your journey as a licensed California cannabis business.  

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For provisional licensees

Provisional licenses help cannabis operators, particularly small, equity, and legacy cannabis businesses, transition into the legal market. They provide cannabis businesses with a pathway to enter and remain in the legal market while they complete local permitting and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements. 

Licensee modifications and forms

Change and innovation are key to the success of cannabis businesses in this growing new industry. Use the notification and request form to update your license and to maintain compliance. 

Converting to a Large or Medium cultivation license

Starting January 1, 2023, an eligible licensee may convert active and previously active cultivation licenses into a Large (Type 5, 5A, or 5B) or Medium cultivation license. Additionally, a licensee may hold more than one Medium cultivation license.

Using Track and Trace

DCC has partnered with Metrc to make improvements to the California Cannabis Track-And-Trace (CCTT) System, which all licensees are required to use to track cannabis from seed to sale. 

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Compliance and regulations

DCC partners with local jurisdictions and other state agencies to uphold California’s commercial cannabis laws and regulations, through both routine inspections of license holders, as well as coordinated investigations. 

Help DCC protect the legal cannabis market by reporting complaints anonymously 

Workplace safety

Operating a safe workplace is critical to the success of a business. It is the obligation of all California businesses to ensure their employees are safe at work.

Labor peace agreements

State law requires many commercial cannabis licensees to enter into, and abide by, labor peace agreements. Check out our labor peace agreement FAQ.

Packaging and labeling requirements

To protect the integrity of the legal market, as well as the safety of consumers, DCC has implemented labelling and packaging requirements for both manufactured and non-manufactured cannabis goods sold to consumers. 

Allergens and cannabis products

Find out more about creating an effective allergen control program, as well as an overview of the major food allergens and where they are commonly found in cannabis products.

Electricity usage reporting requirements

All cultivation and microbusiness licensees authorized to engage in cannabis cultivation are required to report total electricity use for each power source used to the DCC upon license renewal.

Temporary cannabis events

All temporary cannabis events require a licensing permit from DCC. 

Apply for an event license
Request a speaker or subject matter expert from DCC
FAQ: Temporary cannabis events

Questions or suggestions?

DCC’s team of cannabis experts are here to help. For any additional questions regarding your license and compliance: 

If you have suggestions on educational materials that would help you understand regulations, licensing deadlines, or stay in compliance, let us know by emailing