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2018 announcements

CA Department of Public Health: ‘Request for Live Scan’ Form is Now Available

The California Department of Public Health will begin processing Live Scan forms that are submitted with annual license applications for cannabis manufacturing. The ‘Request for Live Scan’ form, which is required for this process, can be downloaded from the CDPH website:

Steps to complete the background check:

  1. Fill out the form – Download the ‘Request for Live Scan’ form.
  2. Get fingerprinted – Find a Live Scan location near you. After fingerprinting, the provider will complete the bottom section of the request form.
  3. Upload the completed form – The form should be uploaded to the MCLS licensing application, in the Individual Information section.

All those who qualify as an “owner” of a cannabis manufacturing business must use this form to complete the background check required for the annual license application. The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) and section 40102 of the CDPH emergency regulations defines an owner as:

  • Anyone with 20% or more ownership interest, or
  • Anyone who participates in the direction, control or management of the business, including the board of directors (if a nonprofit), general partners (if a partnership), LLC members, CEO, or officers/directors (if a corporation).

Annual License Applicants: Cannabis manufacturing businesses that submitted an annual license application without the required Live Scan forms may now log in to the Manufactured Cannabis Licensing System (MCLS) and upload the completed form. Annual licenses will not be issued until all required owner information, including completed Live Scans, is submitted and reviewed.

Temporary Licensees: Temporary license holders must submit a completed annual license application before their expiration date in order to qualify for an extension and have the temporary license remain in effect. A Live Scan form must be submitted with each owner profile for the annual license application to be considered complete.

Owners of Multiple Cannabis Manufacturing Businesses: If you qualify as an owner for multiple cannabis manufacturing businesses, you only need to be fingerprinted once. When you complete MCLS Individual Information section, you’ll receive an individual profile number that can used to associate your information with multiple cannabis manufacturing business license applications.

Applying to Multiple Agencies: The ORI number on the ‘Request for Live Scan’ form is unique to each agency that request your background check information. As a result, you cannot use Live Scan forms that you may have completed for local government offices or other state agencies, like the Bureau of Cannabis Control or the California Department of Food and Agriculture.


About the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch

The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) is one of three state cannabis authorities charged with licensing and regulating commercial cannabis activity in California. MCSB regulates all commercial cannabis manufacturing in the state and strives to protect public health by ensuring commercial cannabis manufacturers operate safe, sanitary workplaces and produce products that are free of contaminants, meet product guidelines and are properly packaged and labeled.

For more information on CDPH’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, visit For questions, contact us: or (855) 421-7887.

For information on the state cannabis offices, visit the California Cannabis Portal,