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2018 announcements

Bureau of Cannabis Control Announces Weekly Reports

To All BCC Interested Parties:

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has announced the addition of a new weekly report listing licensee information. This report reflects recently issued licenses, denied applications, and cannabis batch testing results. These reports are available on the ‘Check a License’ page on the BCC’s website. To access the BCC’s weekly reports, simply click on the link provided below.

Weekly Reports:

To receive future weekly reports through our email alerts, please visit our website’s email subscription page and select the boxes that state ‘BCC-WEEKLY-REPORT’ and ‘Subscribe’. Proceed to enter your email address and click submit once you are finished.

Subscribe to Future Weekly Reports:

Definitions of Columns Provided on Reports:

  • Business Name: Legal name of the applicant business entity as registered with the California Secretary of State.
  • DBA: Doing business as. The business trade name of the applicant. (Note: field may be blank)
  • Premises City, County, Zip: Premises address for the business entity. (Note: Address information listed for Cannabis Event Organizer application is mailing)
  • Record Type: Indicates what type of license was applied for or issued.
  • License Designation: Refers to if the applicant requested that the license be designated as medicinal, adult-use, or both. (Note: This field will be blank for testing laboratory and cannabis event organizer license types)
  • Business Entity Structure: Business entity structure associated with the application or license.
  • Application Number: Application number for the application
  • License Number: License number for the license. TEMP is the acronym for a temporary license.
  • Record Status: The current status of the application or license.
  • Record Status Date: Date application was issued or denied.
  • Denied: When an application does not meet the criteria for licensure, it is Denied.
  • Active: When an application does meet the criteria for licensure it is approved and a license becomes Active.

Definitions for Cannabis Batch Testing:

  • Label Claims: When a product fails because the cannabinoid and terpenoids content displayed on the product label is greater than 10% of the testing lab results.
  • Pesticides: When a product fails for 1 or more Category I and/or Category II Residual Pesticides pursuant to 16 CCR section 5719.
  • Microbial Impurities: When a product fails for e.coli, salmonella, and/or pathogenic Aspergillus species (A. fumigatus, A. flavus, A. niger, and A. terreus) pursuant to 16 CCR section 5720.
  • Solvents: When a product fails for 1 or more Category I and/or Category II Residual Solvent or Processing Chemicals pursuant to 16 CCR section 5718
  • Moisture Content: When a flower batch fails because the moisture content is greater than 13%.
  • Foreign Material: When a product fails for containing unwanted filth such as mold, insect fragments, hair, and/or related hazardous adulterants pursuant to 16 CCR section 5722.
  • Homogeneity: When a cannabis edible product fails because the THC content is not consistent or homogenous throughout the product pursuant to 16 CCR Section 5716.