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2019 announcements

State Water Board: Public Hearing, Responses to Comments, and Final Draft of Proposed Updates to Cannabis Policy

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is holding a Board Meeting on February 5, 2019.  Item 5 on the Board agenda is a hearing and consideration of Proposed Update to the Cannabis Cultivation Policy – Principles and Guidelines for Cannabis Cultivation (Cannabis Policy).  The time and location of the Board Meeting is found on the agenda along with links to documents related to the Cannabis Policy updates.  A live webcast of the meeting will be available at to comments on the proposed updates to the Cannabis Policy are available along with the Final Draft Proposed Updates to the Cannabis Policy.

The original Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment and Public Hearing (Notice), proposed revisions, and other information are available on the State Water Board’s Cannabis Cultivation webpage at:  Please direct all questions regarding the proposed updates by phone to (916) 341-5363 or by email to