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Bureau of Cannabis Control Accepting Equity Grant Applications

Mar 1, 2019

SACRAMENTO – The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) announced today that it is accepting applications for grant funding authorized by the California Cannabis Equity Act of 2018 (Equity Act) established by Senate Bill 1294. The Bureau has been appropriated $10 million to award to cities and counties to assist equity applicants and licensees through equity programs that focus on inclusion and support of persons in the cannabis industry, who are linked to populations or neighborhoods that were negatively or disproportionately impacted by cannabis criminalization.

“The Bureau is excited to open the application process for the equity grant funding,” Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said. “This funding is a significant step in supporting equity applicants with entry into the cannabis industry, as well as to provide support to equity licensees.”

All grant funds will be distributed no later than June 30, 2019. Applicants that meet the eligibility requirements and submit timely applications will receive a minimum grant of $100,000, unless a lesser grant amount is requested. Only cities and counties are eligible for grant funds.

Applications must be submitted electronically through an online portal between March 1, 2019, and April 1, 2019. The application and further information about the equity grant guidelines and process can be found here –, or under the “About Us” section of the Bureau’s website.

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