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2019 announcements

BCC Announces Enforcement Action Against Smoke Shop Illegally Selling Counterfeit Cannabis Products in Fresno

ENFORCEMENT UPDATE: The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and DCA’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit (CEU) received a tip yesterday from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration concerning a smoke shop illegally selling counterfeit cannabis products in Fresno.

CEU Investigators immediately responded to the scene and obtained a search warrant for “710 Smoke Shop”, located at 516 E. Olive Avenue. They discovered and seized approximately 2,200 counterfeit vape cartridges and packaging for an additional 4,000 vape cartridges.

Counterfeit cannabis products are a serious health concern for the consumers of California. The BCC and CEU will continue our efforts to eradicate counterfeit cartridges and hold individuals accountable for distributing and selling counterfeit, untested and illegal products into the illicit cannabis market.

Consumers can learn more about purchasing legal cannabis products from licensed retailers by visiting our “Get #weedwise” campaign page: