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2021 announcements

Department of Cannabis Control Provides Notice of Regulatory Action and Announces Approval of Regulations

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is providing notice of a proposed rulemaking to adopt regulations for Quick Response (QR) Code certificates. DCC also today announced the approval of the readoption of emergency regulations allowing for information sharing with financial institutions.

Notice of proposed rulemaking to adopt QR Code regulations

DCC is providing notice to the public of a proposal to adopt regulations for QR Code certificate requirements. These requirements are currently in effect as emergency regulations. If approved, this rulemaking action would adopt the regulations under the regular rulemaking process.

The proposed regulations require retailers and distributors to display a QR Code certificate provided by DCC. They also require employees transporting or delivering cannabis goods to carry the QR code certificate. The QR Code certificate helps the public verify that a cannabis business is licensed and easily distinguish licensed cannabis retailers from unlicensed ones.

View the proposed regulations and supporting documents:

How to submit a public comment:

You can submit a comment on this rulemaking to the DCC Legal Affairs Division:

Comments must be received by September 21, 2021, at 5 p.m.

Approval of readoption of emergency regulations

The Office of Administrative Law has approved the emergency action to readopt regulations implementing Assembly Bill 1525 (Jones-Sawyer, 2020). These regulations provide cannabis businesses the ability to authorize DCC to share licensee application and regulatory information with financial institutions.

These regulations provide a mechanism for financial institutions to more readily conduct the federally-required reviews of the cannabis business. By reducing the burden of providing financial services to cannabis businesses, more financial institutions may be willing to provide services, thereby reducing the need to keep cash on-hand and improving public safety.

View the regulations text and supporting documents:

During the rulemaking process, DCC made minor corrections to the text of the emergency regulations. These changes did not change the substance of the regulations. DCC also provided an addendum to the Finding of Emergency including additional information on progress to make these emergency regulations permanent.

OAL approved the readoption of the emergency regulations on August 2, 2021. They were filed with the Secretary of State and became effective on the same day.