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What to expect when you’re inspected

What to expect when you’re inspected

For businessowners, the word “inspection” can cause anxiety. The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) wants to remove the anxiety from the process and serve as a resource and a partner for licensees — every step of the way.

DCC Inspection Checklist

Keep Metrc updated

It’s important to record all of your cannabis inventory in Metrc to ensure the safety and transparency of the cannabis supply chain. To help cut down the confusion, it is important that your Metrc system remains updated and current.

Resource: View details about Track and Trace.

Tag your products

To track the movement of product through the cannabis market, inspectors must be able to cross-reference where a product “should be” versus where it truly is, which makes the placement of Unique Identifier (UID) tags important. Be sure all of your product is appropriately tagged.

Maintain an updated premises diagram

You don’t have to be an architect to maintain a comprehensive diagram of your premises — a simple and accurate overview of your operations will suffice. Your premises diagram must clearly identify property boundaries and premises, entrances, exits, interior partitions, rooms, windows and doorways, all drawn to scale. Additionally, the activities in each area and, if applicable, the location of all cameras must be clearly identified. Additional information may be required on your diagram, based on your license type.

Resource: How to Make a Premises Diagram

Keep your premises secure

Having a secure facility is important for employees and inspectors alike. Make sure limited-access areas are only accessible by authorized personnel. Identify visitors when they enter and use commercial-grade locks on entrances and exits. If required, check that your video surveillance and alarm system are working and recordings are comprehensive and accessible.

Stay Cal/OSHA compliant

Our industry is unique, but the fundamental business requirements to keep your employees safe still apply. In accordance with California law, employers must meet a range of safe workplace requirements overseen by Cal/OSHA. Make sure your business is Cal/OSHA-compliant to maintain your active license status.

Understand the requirements specific to your license type

Every cannabis business is different, but operators within the same license type have the same set of requirements. Inspection requirements will vary across different license types.

Resource: View detailed information for your specific license type on CannaConnect.

What happens if my business doesn’t comply?

Standing up a cannabis business can be complicated and challenging. If aspects of your business are deemed non-compliant, DCC will work with you to make corrections and provide time needed to come into compliance. Licensees who aren’t in compliance will typically receive a Notice to Comply with 30 days to respond unless the notice specifies a different timetable. At any point during this period, you can reach out to DCC staff with any questions and to receive input on your approach. Notices to Comply serve as an opportunity to work together to ensure your business is operating successfully.

DCC isn’t the full picture

In addition to DCC’s compliance requirements for licensees, other state, county and local agencies also enforce their own inspection standards. Make sure you address all compliance requirements.

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