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2022 announcements

DCC files readoption of emergency consolidated cannabis regulations

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has filed an action with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to readopt emergency regulations that consolidate the commercial cannabis regulations. This readoption would allow emergency regulations to remain in place while DCC completes the regular rulemaking process, which began on Friday, March 4.

DCC’s filing marks the start of the five-calendar day public comment period and the 10-day OAL review period.

How to submit a public comment

If you wish to comment on the proposed readoption emergency regulations, you must submit your comment in writing to both OAL and DCC. Please include “DCC Consolidation Emergency Readopt” in your subject line.

OAL Reference Attorney
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1250
Sacramento CA 95814
DCC Legal Affairs Division
2920 Kilgore Road
Rancho Cordova CA 95670

Note: This rulemaking action is for readoption of consolidated emergency regulations. DCC is also in the midst of a regular rulemaking process to permanently adopt the consolidated emergency regulations and to make additional changes. View all of DCC’s rulemaking actions, including instructions about how to comment on other proposed regulations, on our Rulemaking page.

About the proposed readoption of emergency regulations

Questions about the proposed regulatory action can be directed to:
Kaila Fayne
Phone: (916) 465-9025