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2022 announcements

DCC applauds President Biden’s announcement on cannabis reforms

The Department of Cannabis Control applauds President Biden’s announcement today to pardon federal convictions for simple cannabis possession and review the federal classification of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act. This is an important and significant step to repair the harms of the failed War on Drugs, which have plagued communities and individuals for generations.

States like California have led the nation in pursuing cannabis decriminalization, expungements, and regulatory approaches rooted in equity, sustainability and safety. Central to this approach are protections for consumers, youth and the environment; intentional reinvestment into communities harmed by the War on Drugs; expansion of public health programs; and funding to accelerate research into cannabis.  

As California’s state cannabis regulator, the Department of Cannabis Control works collaboratively with partners across the country and through the national Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) to share best practices that benefit all Californians.  

As the federal government re-examines its approach to cannabis, we offer our support and extensive experience to ensure federal efforts build upon and enhance those pioneered by states.