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2023 announcements

Notice of Intent to Award

Amendment No. 1

Date amendment issued: 2/23/2023

This amendment No. 1 is being issued to correct the closing date of the protest period. Except as modified hereby, the Notice of Intent to Award remains unmodified.

The Department of Cannabis Control intends to award solicitation

No. RFP 22-002

For: Cannabis Consumer Awareness Campaign

To: Fiona Hutton & Associates

Any bidder wishing to protest the proposed award must submit a written notice of intent to protest to the coordinator before the close of business (5:00 pm) on the last day of the protest period, which is:


Buyer: Jort Lijklema


Telephone No.: (279) 217-3733

Please note that the solicitation file is available for inspection. You make a request for public records with

 – End of Amendment No. 1 –