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Checklist: closed-loop extraction systems

Checklist: closed-loop extraction systems

Cannabis manufacturers who utilize closed-loop extraction systems must ensure their extraction systems are operated and maintained according to the requirements established by the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) under the California Code of Regulations at Title 4. Division 19. Chapter 8. Article 3. Solvent Use and Safety. These requirements govern the use of volatile or asphyxiating solvents, or flammable liquids, permissible extraction types, closed-loop extraction systems, and the continued certification of closed-loop extraction systems.

This document is intended to outline the requirements that closed-loop extraction system operators must follow to ensure the compliant use of extraction systems.

Included in this checklist:

  • General requirements
  • Solvent requirements for closed-loop extraction systems
  • Closed-loop extraction system requirements
  • Certification of closed-loop systems requirements

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