Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program

Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program

California is committed to quickly transition cannabis businesses from provisional to annual licenses. One-time grant funding, totaling $100 million, is available to help. Extra funds are available for eligible local jurisdictions with social equity programs.

The funds target areas with the highest numbers of provisional licensed businesses. Large numbers of small, legacy and equity businesses operate within these areas.

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) published the request for grant proposals on October 1, 2021. Applications are due on November 15, 2021.

Press release:  DCC Announces $100 Million Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program

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Event Date  (Subject to change) 
Notice of Funding Availability Release with Draft Guidelines September 14 – September 27, 2021
Grant Guidelines and Request for Proposals Published September 30, 2021  
Application Submission Period Opens October 8, 2021  
Questions and Answers Period Due Date October 8, 2021  
Questions and Answers Posted  

October 15, 2021 
Deadline to Submit Applications November 15, 2021 
Grant Award Notification  December 2021 
Last Day for Grant Funding Expenditures March 31, 2025 

Eligible jurisdictions and maximum funding amounts

Local Jurisdiction  Grant Program Funding  Additional Funding Due to an Equity Program  Total Maximum Funding Allocated 
City of Adelanto  $972,696   $972,696  
City of Commerce  $416,870   $416,870  
City of Desert Hot Springs  $822,160   $822,160  
County of Humboldt  $7,842,974  $10,792,162 $18,635,137  
County of Lake  $884,309 $1,216,834 $2,101,143 
City of Long Beach  $1,748,537 $2,187,405 $3,935,942  
City of Los Angeles  $9,912,238 $12,400,122 $22,312,360  
County of Mendocino  $7,611,370 $10,473,468 $18,084,837  
County of Monterey  $1,737,035  $1,737,035  
City of Oakland  $4,400,293 $5,504,727 $9,905,020  
County of Nevada  $1,221,188  $1,221,188 
City of Sacramento  $2,570,697 $3,215,919 $5,786,617  
City of San Diego  $764,261   $764,261  
City and County of San Francisco  $1,366,407 $1,709,363 $3,075,769  
City of Santa Rosa  $775,841   $775,841  
County of Sonoma  $1,158,023   $1,158,023  
County of Trinity  $3,295,102   $3,295,102 

Grant resources

Provisional license requirements

Key dates for provisional licenses


For questions about the grant program, email grants@cannabis.ca.gov.

For media inquiries, email press@cannabis.ca.gov.