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Public Records Act requests

Public Records Act requests

How to submit a Public Records Act (PRA) request

You can submit a PRA request for documents that DCC has on file.

Before you submit a request, check our license search to see if the information is already available online.

Submit your PRA request by:

Provide details about the records you want. This helps us identify relevant documents.

We may charge a fee for documents that we provide.

What we cannot provide

DCC cannot provide all the information we have on file, including:

  • Open investigations
  • Proprietary business information
  • DCC personnel files
  • Owner’s criminal background information

We may also redact documents to protect information that cannot be disclosed.

What happens after you send a request

We will contact you within 10 days to let you know if we can provide the documents you requested or if we need more time to determine if the documents can be disclosed. If we can provide documents, we’ll tell you about how long it will take to produce them.

It takes us longer to provide documents if you request a large amount or a lot of redactions are needed.