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Public comment template

Public comment template

How to use this template

The rulemaking process includes opportunities to share feedback. DCC has developed a template to make it easier to share your comments.

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Public Comment Template

Last updated: February 2024

Tips for submitting a comment 

  • Include the section number or topic. This helps us understand what you’re commenting on. 
  • Be specific. Tell us how the regulation affects or would affect you. Include data or examples, where relevant. 
  • Comment only on what’s being proposed. DCC will only consider comments related to the proposed regulations.  
  • Phrase it as a statement. Instead of posing a question, phrase your comment as a statement. For example, instead of “What does this mean?” say “The wording of this section is confusing, so I don’t understand what it would require me to do.” 
  • Tell us what you like, too. Share which proposals you like, not just the ones you want to see changed.  
  • Share a suggestion, if you have one. Tell us what you would prefer and why you think it would be better. Sharing an alternative helps us consider how the regulation could be made better. 
  • You only need to submit once. Your comment is registered once, no matter how many times you send it.  
  • Don’t include confidential or private information. Comments become part of the public record. Don’t include information that you wouldn’t want shared with others. 
  • Submit your comment by the deadline. Make sure your comment is submitted before the end of the designated comment period, so it can be considered. 

How to submit your public comment

Submit your comment by either mail or email to the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC):

Your comment must be received by the deadline listed in the rulemaking notice to be included in the rulemaking file.

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