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Echsen Industries, LLC

Echsen Industries, LLC

Recall overview

Echsen Industries, LLC, issued a voluntary recall for the presence of the pesticide Spiromesifen in Fog City Farms Shark Bites infused pre-rolls. Two additional pesticides for which the Department does not require testing, Cadusafos and Cyphenothrin, were also identified in the sample results.

Affected product information

Recall dateJanuary 10, 2024
Recall typeVoluntary
Manufactured/packaged dateJune 28, 2023 
Dates soldAfter July 17, 2023
Product typeInfused pre-roll
Product informationFog City Farms – Shark Bites Pacific Chemistry Hybrid
Batch number0628301
Batch source UID1A406030000465D000001314
Reason for recallPesticides: Spiromesifen
Details about the affected product

Product photos

Business information

Legal business nameEchsen Industries, LLC
Doing business asEchsen Industries, LLC
License numberC11-0000436-LIC
Business details for Echsen Industries, LLC

What consumers need to know

If you purchased this product:  

  • Check your package for the UID and batch number above.
  • If the numbers match, dispose of the product or return to the retailer for proper disposal.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or any adverse reactions, contact your physician immediately.

What licensees need to know

DCC and/or the distributor will send email notices to all licensees with a recalled product in their inventory with instructions. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact  

Learn more about cannabis recalls

The cannabis recall process plays an important role in ensuring defective or potentially unsafe products are removed from the market. The DCC maintains a list of both DCC-mandated and voluntary recalls.