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Nfuzed AIR metered-dose inhaler and Nfuzed Cannabis Infused Inhaler

Nfuzed AIR metered-dose inhaler and Nfuzed Cannabis Infused Inhaler

Recall overview

The Department of Cannabis Control is issuing a mandatory recall of Nfuzed AIR metered-dose inhalers and Nfuzed Cannabis Infused Inhalers.

Recall TypeMandatory
DCC Recall Publication Date2/15/2024
Date Packaged (Pkg)All package dates
Product DescriptionNfuzed AIR metered-dose inhalers​ and Nfuzed Cannabis Infused Inhalers 
Product TypeInhaler
UID NumberSee table below
Batch NumberSee table below
Packaged ByCrosstown California Holdings, LLC and 90nine Bridge Co Holdings, LLC 
Business DBA90nine Bridge Co Holdings, LLC
License NumberCDPH-10002288, C11-0001626, CDPH-10004723

Batch numbers

UID NumberBatch Number 
1A40603000033F6000000778 0778 
1A40603000033F6000000876 0876 
1A40603000033F6000000815 0815 
1A40603000033F6000000916 0916 
1A40603000033F6000000851 0851 
1A40603000033F6000000868 0868 
1A40603000033F6000000808 0808 
1A40603000033F6000000636 0636 
1A40603000033F6000000735 0735 
1A406030003A342000000184 990184 
1A406030003A342000000168 990168 
1A406030003A342000000136 990136 
1A406030003A342000000090 990090 
1A406030003A342000000009 990009 

Product photos

Nfuzed AIR metered-dose inhaler, front
Nfuzed AIR metered-dose inhaler, back
Nfuzed Cannabis Infused Inhaler

Locations where the recalled product was sold

CountyLegal Business NameLicense or App Number
Alameda Berkeley Patients Group, Inc. C10-0000033-LIC 
Alameda Hah 5 LLC C10-0000068-LIC 
Alameda East Bay Therapeutics C10-0000789-LIC 
Alameda Green Gold Investment Corporation C9-0000084-LIC 
Alameda Mk Health Alliance LLC C9-0000115-LIC 
Alameda Greener Greens LLC C9-0000121-LIC 
Alameda Cali Greenz LLC C9-0000157-LIC 
Alameda Jingletown Cannabis Club, LLC C9-0000169-LIC 
Alameda Dubz Garden Supply LLC C9-0000226-LIC 
Alameda Jaguar Logistics Group, LLC C9-0000282-LIC 
Alameda Og Boyz, Inc. C9-0000389-LIC 
Alameda Mbm Bay Area, LLC C9-0000416-LIC 
Alameda Enlighten Industries, Inc C9-0000466-LIC 
Alameda Limited Boutique Supply Inc. C9-0000696-LIC 
Alameda Onyi Mitchell C9-0000734-LIC 
El Dorado 7lv Usa Corporation C10-0000679-LIC 
Humboldt E7 Rio Dell, LLC C10-0000754-LIC 
Humboldt Prussian Sticks LLC C12-0000273-LIC 
Imperial Nhhy Enterprises, Inc. C9-0000406-LIC 
Kern California City Supply, LLC C10-0000568-LIC 
Los Angeles Melrose Herbal Collective LLC C10-0000048-LIC 
Los Angeles Organic Green Treatment Center, LLC C10-0000049-LIC 
Los Angeles Medical Caregivers Company C10-0000160-LIC 
Los Angeles Alternate Health Collective Association, Inc. C10-0000166-LIC 
Los Angeles Valley Collective Care, Inc. C10-0000226-LIC 
Los Angeles San Fernando Valley Medical Supply, Inc. C10-0000312-LIC 
Los Angeles The Medicine Woman Group, LLC C10-0000332-LIC 
Los Angeles The Green Earth Farmacie, Inc. C10-0000386-LIC 
Los Angeles Holistic Pain Relief, LLC C10-0000394-LIC 
Los Angeles Long Beach Wellness Center C10-0000398-LIC 
Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Collective Care, Inc. C10-0000420-LIC 
Los Angeles Marina Caregivers, Inc. C10-0000460-LIC 
Los Angeles Herbal Solutions Southern California, Inc. C10-0000476-LIC 
Los Angeles Firehouse Health Care Industries, Inc. C10-0000478-LIC 
Los Angeles California Compassionate Care Network, Inc. C10-0000481-LIC 
Los Angeles Green Earth Vitality Corporation C10-0000487-LIC 
Los Angeles Wfarm1045 C10-0000491-LIC 
Los Angeles The Natural Way Of L.A. C10-0000513-LIC 
Los Angeles Hazelwood Patients Collective C10-0000585-LIC 
Los Angeles After Care Patient’s Group C10-0000604-LIC 
Los Angeles Ge Granada Hills, Inc C10-0000791-LIC 
Los Angeles Cannatrust Group LLC C10-0000794-LIC 
Los Angeles Hierba LLC C10-0000806-LIC 
Los Angeles High Note Beat Inc C10-0000917-LIC 
Los Angeles D15 Commerce, Inc. C10-0001135-LIC 
Los Angeles Peace And Love LLC C10-0001286-LIC 
Los Angeles Rd Lynwood South C11-0000088-LIC 
Los Angeles Boo Ku C.C., Inc. C11-0000317-LIC 
Los Angeles Holistic Pain Relief, LLC C11-0000672-LIC 
Los Angeles Alkhemist Dm LLC C11-0001456-LIC 
Los Angeles United Health & Care Center C12-0000010-LIC 
Los Angeles Harbor Caregivers Inc. C12-0000096-LIC 
Los Angeles Vfarm1509 C12-0000215-LIC 
Los Angeles Cannaco Research Corporation C12-0000271-LIC 
Los Angeles Urban Buds, LLC C9-0000094-LIC 
Los Angeles Becc Holdings C9-0000322-LIC 
Los Angeles Green Mind LLC C9-0000617-LIC 
Marin Lynnette Shaw C9-0000302-LIC 
Mendocino Ht, Inc C10-0000418-LIC 
Mendocino Kure Wellness, Inc. C10-0000647-LIC 
Merced Cv Merced, Inc. C10-0001381-LIC 
Monterey Canopy Monterey Bay, LLC C10-0000253-LIC 
Monterey Synchronicity Holistic, LLC C10-0000637-LIC 
Monterey Cypress Manufacturing Company C11-0000816-LIC 
Napa Homegrown Holistic Collective, Inc. C10-0000124-LIC 
Nevada Elevation 2477, LLC C10-0000138-LIC 
Orange Soar Collective C10-0000207-LIC 
Orange Speedy Weedy Santa Ana,LLC C10-0001067-LIC 
Orange Circle Muskrat LLC C10-0001078-LIC 
Riverside Leef Industries LLC C10-0000004-LIC 
Riverside Palm Springs Organics, LLC C10-0000029-LIC 
Riverside Ie Gardens, Inc. C10-0000092-LIC 
Riverside Firehouse 64 C10-0000144-LIC 
Riverside Green Kong C10-0000189-LIC 
Riverside Canna Cloud, LLC. C10-0000194-LIC 
Riverside Green America, Inc. C10-0000440-LIC 
Riverside So-Cal Mm Patients Association C10-0000462-LIC 
Riverside The Leaf At 73740, LLC C10-0000482-LIC 
Riverside The Hi Collective, Corp. C10-0000533-LIC 
Riverside Reefer Madness LLC C10-0000589-LIC 
Riverside Planet Buds Inc. C10-0000602-LIC 
Riverside I.E. Gardens I, Inc. C10-0000714-LIC 
Riverside Blazed Utopia LLC C10-0000760-LIC 
Riverside Vert Lake Elsinore, LLC C10-0000923-LIC 
Riverside Sundial Collective Banning, Inc C10-0001040-LIC 
Riverside Moreno Valley Retail, LLC C10-0001315-LIC 
Riverside Space Boyz LLC C10-0001356-LIC 
Riverside Emerald Springs, LLC C11-0001406-LIC 
Riverside Iguana Collective C12-0000040-LIC 
Riverside Panacea Farms Mv, LLC C12-0000301-LIC 
Riverside R2h Holdings LLC C12-0000389-LIC 
Riverside Stellar House Farms LLC C12-0000397-LIC 
Riverside I.E. Gardens 2, Inc C12-0000446-LIC 
Riverside Sipkoi, LLC C12-0000501-LIC 
Sacramento Closed Door Inc C10-0001403-LIC 
Sacramento Metro 1996 LLC  C10-0001405-LIC 
Sacramento Isleton Cannabis Company C12-0000157-LIC 
Sacramento Theraputic Herbal Company, LLC C9-0000003-LIC 
Sacramento Ssbz, LLC C9-0000291-LIC 
San Bernardino The Healing Center Needles C10-0000032-LIC 
San Bernardino Nas69 Ventures, Inc. C9-0000246-LIC 
San Diego Ns Harbor, Inc. C10-0000262-LIC 
San Diego Gsg Pl, Inc. C10-0000298-LIC 
San Diego Loud Sd Inc. C10-0000323-LIC 
San Diego Survivormedz, A Cooperative Corporation C10-0000546-LIC 
San Diego Sczz Collective, Inc. C10-0000552-LIC 
San Diego San Diegrown, Inc. C10-0000669-LIC 
San Diego Hillside Holistic C10-0000771-LIC 
San Diego Speedy Weedy Vista, Inc. C10-0001166-LIC 
San Diego Coastal Wellness C10-0001270-LIC 
San Francisco Outer Sunset Holdings, Inc. C10-0000614-LIC 
San Francisco Bcc Sf LLC C10-0001167-LIC 
San Francisco Caliverde LLC C10-0001227-LIC 
San Francisco Bay Care Delivery Cooperative Inc C9-0000059-LIC 
San Francisco Gilbert Street Unit 2 LLC C9-0000276-LIC 
San Luis Obispo Mom Slo LLC C10-0000728-LIC 
San Luis Obispo Dubs Green Garden Inc. C9-0000016-LIC 
Santa Barbara Clh Retail Solutions, LLC C10-0000132-LIC 
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Care Center C12-0000136-LIC 
Santa Barbara Confidential Biotherapy Delivery Inc C9-0000156-LIC 
Santa Clara Btd, Inc. C12-0000219-LIC 
Santa Cruz Averdant C10-0000238-LIC 
Solano Highway 29 Healthcare Inc C10-0000250-LIC 
Solano Davisville Business Enterprises Inc C10-0000821-LIC 
Stanislaus Rajwinder Bal C10-0000055-LIC 
Stanislaus Medallion Wellness, Inc. C10-0000577-LIC 
Stanislaus Dc Modesto LLC C10-0001211-LIC 
Ventura Harbor Management Group, LLC C10-0000187-LIC 
Ventura Yuma Way Ca LLC C10-0001098-LIC 
Ventura Harbor Management Group, LLC C10-0001111-LIC 

What consumers need to know

  •  Consumers who purchased this product are urged to dispose of it. 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or any adverse reactions, contact your physician immediately.

What licensees need to know 

DCC sent notices to all licensees with this product in their inventory with instructions about responding to this recall. Contact our team at if you have any questions.