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Guidance for existing Accela CLEaR users

Guidance for existing Accela CLEaR users

How to access converted manufacturing license records

This guidance resource is designed to assist users who have an existing Accela CLEaR User ID and possess a manufacturing license converted from the PEGA Manufacturing Cannabis License System to the Accela CLEaR system.

Download the user guide

Download a PDF version of the information on this page to view a walkthrough with screenshots.

Logging in

The process for logging in to the Accela CLEaR system will not change. 

Log in to the system via the existing link:  

Enter your existing username and password. If you do not remember your password you can use the self-service password reset process.

Once logged in you will see the Manufacturer and Shared-Use options on the Home page.

My records

To view an existing manufacturing license or application converted from PEGA you can select the ‘My Records’ function. You may see an Announcement related to the move of manufacturing licenses from the PEGA system to the CLEaR system. You can mark the Announcement as ‘read’ and clear it.

The ‘My Records’ screen has two sections to display all licenses and applications associated to a user’s account.

Applicants and Licenses

The ‘Applicants and Licenses’ section will the contain the existing non-manufacturing licenses, applications and renewals. This section will also display all Owner Submittal records: the CLEaR-generated Owner Submittals and converted PEGA Owner Submittals. Owner Submittal records associated with a converted record will have a pre-fix of ‘P’ (e.g. P-21027588-OWN).


The ‘Manufacturing’ section of the ‘My Records’ page will contain all non-Owner Submittal records converted from PEGA. Within the ‘Manufacturing’ section you can access the Renewal and Change in Operations functionality.


For any questions regarding accessing licensing data in the CLEaR system, please reach out to

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